Boulevard Suites Corporate Housing Does it Differently

We think about what your people are going through. Not just where they’re going to.

Whether you’re on business trip or between residences, Blvd Suites Corporate Housing is always the right choice when you need a fantastic place to stay for a month or longer.

Our impeccably furnished apartments are more spacious, open and accessorized than most hotel rooms, each one crafted with personalized touches for every different client.  From the moment you open the front door you’ll feel at home, even though you’re miles away from yours.

With Blvd Suites you can save up to 50% over standard hotels once you factor in taxes and per diems.  Settle in and discover all our furnished apartments have to offer, including fully equipped kitchens, flat panel TVs and DVD players and free high speed wireless internet, we think you’ll agree Blvd Suites offers significantly more comfort for less cost.  Many of our locations also include on-site fitness facilities, pools and business centers.

Status Quo is Status No.

Innovate the Experience

At Blvd Suites our team is not made up of “It’s just a job” type people.  Empowerment and entrepreneurism are at the heart of our culture.  New ideas about how to serve clients better, suggestions to improve efficiency and the guest experience are welcomed and rewarded. We are hand-raisers and doers who use technology and creativity to make our product and services best of breed.


Offer Solutions

From launch teams to VIPs, from intern programs to relocating families, the needs of our clients are both wide and diverse.  Each comes with its own requirements.  We challenge ourselves to find the right product in the right location.  Whether it’s specific requests with billing, reporting, or amenities, we work with each client to identify needs up front and create a seamless solution.

Every Assignment Is Personal

One size does not fit all.  We know that each guest will have unique needs.  The veteran business traveler heading up another six-month product launch differs from the mid-20’s hipster consultant on a six-week stint.  Both have different needs.  From the single rising corporate star to the executing with a family and three young kids in tow, Blvd Suites makes sure the location and the amenities are tailored to the needs and interests of our guests.

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