1. Are the apartments fully furnished?

Yes. Every one of the corporate housing apartments we proudly offer comes fully furnished with tasteful, modern décor, a full-sized kitchen, full-sized appliances (most with washer and dryer in-unit), and all the housewares, linens and electronics you need during your stay.

2. Will my apartment have a full-sized washer and dryer?

We make every effort to set our clients up with fully furnished apartments featuring full
size washers and dryers. And in almost every case that is how you’ll find your suite. In the event the apartment community does not have hookups within the individual apartments, you can be sure there will be onsite laundry facilities instead. Be sure to carefully consult the amenities listed on each property’s info sheet or feel free to ask your reservation specialist for those and any other details.

3. Can I have a home office?

Yes. If you would like a multiple bedroom apartment with one of the rooms set up as an office, let your reservation specialist know prior to move in and Blvd Suites will meet that request (additional charges may apply). In addition, many of our communities provide their guests with access to a free or pay-per-use business centers with fax machines, copiers and more. Our reservation specialist can help you narrow your perspective properties down to those with a business center.

4. Can I get high-speed Internet?

Yes! Wireless high-speed Internet is included in all of our furnished apartments.

5. Can I get a second phone line installed?

Your rental costs include one phone line and local service. Any additional phone needs (i.e., long-distance, toll charges, directory assistance, second phone line) will be charged to you.

6. Do you offer unfurnished apartments?

No, Blvd Suites Corporate Housing does not offer unfurnished suites.

7. What size apartments do you offer?

Blvd Suites will try to accommodate all requests, but we typically work with communities that feature one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. Square footage varies from community to community and floor plan to floor plan. Please feel free to make any special requests of your reservation specialist. We’ll do our best to
meet your special needs.

8. Do you have studio apartments?

Blvd Suites and the communities we deal with do not typically offer studio apartments, however our fully-furnished corporate housing communities in major metropolitan areas sometimes have them available.

9. Can I have a ground floor apartment?

Absolutely! If the community you have selected has an apartment available on the ground floor, Blvd Suites is happy to reserve it for you. If you specifically need a ground floor apartment, let your reservation specialist know ahead of time so they can add it to the criteria when selecting potential apartments.

10. Where can my kids or guests sleep?

Let Blvd Suites help you select the perfect two- or three-bedroom apartment for your family and guests. Our leasing agents can also furnish rooms in your suite with twin beds if you desire.

11. Can I bring my pet?

Individual communities set their own rules regarding pets in their apartments. Blvd Suites is happy to support these individual policies on pets, however you may be charged a larger deposit or extra cleaning costs if you do bring a pet with you during your stay. Please let your reservation specialist know ahead of time if you intend to bring a pet. We’ll provide food and water dishes, and for cats a litter box as well.

12. Can I get HBO, Showtime or Pay-Per-View?

Blvd Suites includes extended basic cable service in your rental package. If you would like premium channels or pay-per-view, those extras can be made available to you but at an extra cost. Speak to your reservation specialist for more details.

I Have Questions About Billing

13. How much will my apartment cost?

Apartment costs fluctuate from community to community, but the cost is considerably less than a hotel daily rate with hotel taxes. The monthly rental costs include all utilities, local phone, extended basic cable, high speed wireless internet, furnishings and housewares. Additional costs may be applicable, however, including premium cable stations, pet fees and other special requests.

14. Are all of the utilities included?

Yes. Your monthly rental costs includes all electric, gas, water, local phone, extended basic cable, high speed wireless Internet and trash service. Not included in your monthly costs are  long distance charges, toll charges, directory assistance and any other charges not listed as included above.

15. Are there any additional fees or taxes?

Prior to signing the lease, Blvd Suites collects a nominal fee to process your application, which may include a credit check and/or background check of all adult residents. There may also be a refundable security deposit depending on the terms of the lease.

Monthly rent is based on the flat daily charge as quoted by your reservation specialist and printed on your lease. With the exception of long distance phone calls, and special requests (i.e premium cable stations) there are no additional monthly fees or surcharges, and there are no taxes for stays of more than 30 days.

At move out, excessive damage charges and unpaid phone charges may be billed to you or applied to your credit card on file if necessary. Please contact your reservation specialist for additional information.

16. Can you bill my employer?

An invoice will be sent to your corporate entity each month to make the process of paying for your furnished apartment as seamless and hassle-free as possible. If you need to split the costs with your employer, please tell your reservation specialist ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements.

17. What if my employer and I are sharing the costs?

If you need to split the costs with your employer, please tell your reservation specialist ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements.

18. Can I have my insurance company reimburse you?

Blvd Suites Corporate Housing accepts payment in the form of reimbursement from your insurance agency. Please have your insurance agent contact us directly to set up billing and credit arrangements.

19. Do you provide HUD or Section 8 housing?

No. Blvd Suites does not provide housing under these programs.

20. What if I have not-so-great credit?

Blvd Suites performs a credit check and background check prior to signing a lease. Your credit rating will determine the amount of security deposit necessary. In some cases, leasing an apartment with Blvd Suites may not be possible. Please contact your reservation specialist for more information.

21. Can I move in right away?

Move in dates are always tied to availability. If the corporate apartment is available, you can usually move in the next day. That gives us time to set up your utilities, have the furnishings in place and ensure the apartment receives a thorough cleaning prior to your arrival.

22. What is the minimum stay?
Blvd Suites generally requires a 30-day minimum stay. Shorter stays have been and can be arranged depending upon availability. Talk with your reservation specialist regarding your special needs.

23. What if I don’t know how long I’ll need to stay?

Let your reservation specialist know from the beginning that you are unsure of a move out date and we can work with you on that need. If you need to extend your lease, please contact your reservation specialist ASAP (preferably two weeks ahead of time) so they can be sure the apartment will still be available beyond your original move out date.

24. How much notice is necessary before I move out?

Blvd Suites requires a minimum of a 30-day written notice of your intent to vacate. Many properties require a 60-day written notice. For more information specific to your reservation, please consult your confirmation details or contact your reservation specialist.

About the Community I Will Be Staying In

25. Where are your communities located?

Blvd Suites specializes in fully furnished apartment communities in throughout Michigan, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and parts of Iowa. However, we have trusted furnished housing provider partners across the nation and parts of the globe to service your needs. 

26. What amenities do the communities offer?

Each apartment community offers a unique selection of amenities. The most commonly featured amenities include swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, covered or garage parking, balconies, patios, fireplaces, central air and business centers. Feel free to peruse our selection of GuestServices@BlvdSuites.com for their specific offerings or speak with a reservation specialist about your particular preferences.

27. How far is the apartment from my work?

That’s entirely up to you! Our reservation specialists will try to find you a furnished apartment nearby your work or in an area of your choice.

28. Can you tell me more about my new neighborhood?

All of the communities Blvd Suites provides corporate housing through are in or offer immediate access to major business centers, and are near a variety of services, shops and eateries. If you need assistance locating something in your community, our friendly Guest Service team can either make a recommendation or research what you

FAQ’s for Current Blvd Suites Clients

29. What do I do if there is an emergency?

In the event of a fire, robbery, other emergency, please call 911.

Please be sure to contact your reservation specialist as well should there be an emergency.

For non-life threatening emergencies (disruption of utilities, malfunctioning major appliance, building maintenance issue, problems that potentially could cause damage to property) after regular business hours or during the weekend, please call our after-hours hotline at 866-258-9001.

30. Where am I supposed to park? Do I get a covered parking spot?

Parking amenities vary from community to community. Please consult your community’s profile sheet or ask your reservation specialist for details.

31. What’s my telephone number?

This information is included in the confirmation documents you receive once your stay is booked, and it is also available in Welcome Packet documents our Guest Services team will send to you prior to your arrival. Please contact your reservation specialist for additional assistance.

32. I don’t have the code/key to use the pool or fitness center.

Your reservation specialist will provide this information prior to your arrival. Please contact Guest Services at 866-258-9001 or GuestServices@BlvdSuites.com if it is lost, missing or not working properly.

33. Can I get housekeeping service?

Blvd Suites does offer housekeeping but at an additional charge. Contact your reservation specialist for more details or to order the service.

34. I’m missing my mailbox key.

Guest Services can have a replacement mailbox key delivered to you. Please contact them at 866-258-9001 or GuestServices@BlvdSuites.com and they’ll work with you to arrange the delivery.

35. I’ve lost my keys.

Please contact Guest Services at 866-258-9001 or GuestServices@BlvdSuites.com during business hours for assistance. After hours or on the weekend, please call our hotline at 866-258-9001. There is upwards of a $50 fee for after-hours lock-out assistance, depending on the community you are staying in. If a locksmith is needed, the cost can be substantially higher. 

36. I need extra door keys for my family.

Guest Services can have additional keys made available if you contact them (866-258-9001 or GuestServices@BlvdSuites.com) during regular business hours. Fees may be charged for additional keys.

37. What do I do with my keys when I move out?

Guest Services will advise you on this. Look for departure instructions 7-10 days before your departure date. Generally, if your furnished apartment locks behind you without the use of a key, please leave the keys in the apartment. If the door requires a key to lock it, please drop the keys at the community’s leasing center. If you are departing at at time the leasing office is closed, you can put the keys through the drop box or rent payment slot at the leasing office. Again, however, please consult your departure instructions for specifics. 

38. I’m moving out. How do I get my mail forwarded?

You can file a United State Post Office Change of Address form online or at the local Post Office branch in your neighborhood.

39. Can I have the second bedroom switched out for home office furniture?

Yes. A change-out fee will occur if you make this change after you move in. Please contact your reservation specialist for details 

40. My neighbors are too noisy.

If your neighbors are being disruptive, please call your reservation specialist during regular office hours. After hours, please contact our hotline at 866-258-9001. If the noise sounds dangerous or as if someone’s life is in peril, please call the local police by dialing 9-1-1.

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