Charley Muste, Executive Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development

Charley has been involved in nearly every aspect of Blvd Suites – sales, operations, accounting, guest service – since joining the team in 2006. As such, she has been the ideal person to educate new team members on the company’s operating procedures. With the tremendous growth the company has experienced in recent years, her knowledge base and dedication earned her the position of Executive Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development.

The director role created was specifically for Charley in order to map, record and communicate company processes. She also provides one-on-one training and mentoring for each new Blvd Suites team member in order to ensure they understand the company’s reservation management database and all company procedures.

In addition to these responsibilities, Charley assists company leadership with special projects by performing research to aide in key strategic decisions, building communication tools, and executing programs that are of critical importance.

Charley is a recipient of Blvd Suites’ 2011 Bealvedeeanese Award, the company’s most prestigious honor given to one employee each year. The recipient earns the award based on their outstanding commitment to incredible service, top tier quality and Blvd Suites. The winner is decided upon by the company’s leadership team after reviewing feedback from team members, clients and guests received throughout the year.

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