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Looking for a furnished apartment in Novi, Michigan?

Blvd Suites Corporate Housing offers furnished short-term apartments in Novi. To get the details of a particular serviced apartment, click on an apartment listed below.

Blvd Suites Corporate Housing offers corporate housing at these properties, pending availability:

Fountain Park
42101 Fountain Park Dr.
Novi, Michigan 48375
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River Oaks West
4355 Cliffside Ct.
Novi, Michigan 48375
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Saddle Creek
43398 Citation
Novi, Michigan 48375
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Trillium Village
39720 Trillium Drive
Novi, Michigan 48375
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Wexford Townhomes
29850 Wexford Boulevard
Novi, Michigan 48377
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Were you unable to find a serviced apartment that meets your needs in Novi, Michigan? Contact us and we will try to find you the best solution for your corporate housing & extended stay needs.

The city of Novi is a relatively small, but
well developed city located in a beautiful natural area. Corporate
housing in Novi really makes a difference. Novi used to be a city with
a rich rural history. But nowadays, it is a modern, economicaly stable
and diverse city. Novi is a good place for corporate housing in
traditionally or otherwise furnished apartments – with
quality health care, education, sports, recreation, shopping and
other facilities.

Novi is often called the Lake City – many lakes
are located in the area around Novi. The most popular ones include Walled Lake, Shawood Lake and Meadowbrook Lake.

Other popular sites are the Motorsports Museum and Hall of
Fame, the historic Novi Methodist Church, and Fuerst Farm.

Why choose Novi for temporary, corporate or extended stay housing?

is a perfect place for corporate housing – temporary, extended stay or
otherwise. It
provides its residents with diverse businesses and shopping, and it is
also the home of several very successful companies. Novi has many parks
and recreational areas, plus, there is the area around the city with
the lakes with all its natural beauty.

Businesses seeking space
for professional offices or for corporate housing will find everything
they need in Novi, and are always welcome by the local administration.
If you choose to have your temporary, corporate or extended stay apartments
located in Novi, you will be extremely satisfied.

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