DeAn Lowery, Inside Sales Manager

DeAn joined the team in August 2012. Coming from a residential property, she greatly impressed the leadership team with her experience in handling guests, sometimes difficult ones, who had problems with their apartment. At Blvd Suites, DeAn began as a Guest Services Coordinator, where she handled logging, responding and following up on guest requests, among other responsibilities.

With the growth of the company and the ensuing need for another Inside Sales Manager, DeAn’s outgoing personality, outstanding rapport with both clients and properties, and vast knowledge of the operational side of the business made her a natural fit for the role.

DeAn is the 2013 recipient of Blvd Suites’ Bealvedeeanese Award, the company’s most prestigious honor given to one employee each year. The recipient earns the award based on their outstanding commitment to incredible service, top tier quality and Blvd Suites. The winner is decided upon by the company’s leadership team after reviewing feedback from team members, clients and guests received throughout the year.

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