Business to see increased travel in 2015. Manage your travel expenses.

A recent story in the Chicago Tribune points to there being a 3.1 percent rise in business travel expected for 2105. As clients demand more single-source, global solutions, and technology allows businesses to more easily establish a global platform, it is no surprise that businesses expect to increasingly whisk their people around this magnificent blue and green marble.

Increased travel - whether it be regional, nation or international - comes part and parcel with increased travel expenses. To mediate those higher costs, business are looking at every aspect of a travel itinerary to maximize ROI.

One simple way to reduce travel costs is to consider a furnished apartment. When factoring in nightly hotel rates, taxes and per diems, businesses often find a considerable cost-cutting opportunity in the use of a furnished apartment.

Beyond the cost-cutting benefits, the additional space and creature comforts a one- or two-bedroom apartment offers in comparison to a smaller and often cramped hotel room are significant. When a business puts its people on the road, proper rest and comfort are paramount, as well as the ability to efficiently and effectively plan and prepare for making their pitch in the boardroom to a perspective client.

Check out the Spending Smart columnist Gregory Karp’s article about business travel increasing for 2015. And then consider Blvd Suites for your furnished housing needs. We offer temporary housing all across the United States, including furnished apartments in Detroit, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Omaha, just to name a few. We’re here and happy to help personalize the guest experience for you. At Blvd Suites, Status Quo is Status No.

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