Insurance Housing – Nationwide Disaster Relief Interim Housing

Relax. Your client will be well taken care of.

Fire. Flooding. Hurricane. Mold. A disaster has happened and your client has been forced from their home. They need a safe place for their family to regroup while the insurance company you represent goes to work replacing or repairing their home.

Contact Blvd Suites. We’ll find the policyholder a safe, warm, place to call home while they are displaced.

A home away from home

With our vast array of fully furnished apartments and townhouses, we’ll ensure your client has much more than disaster interim housing, they’ll find themselves in their home away from home.

Contact us right away and we’ll find the perfect temporary housing to accommodate the policyholder’s lifestyle, needs, job and school locales, plus any special furniture set-ups or accessibility requirements.

When you need a fully furnished short term housing for you and your family to live comfortably inFully furnished apartments

When your client arrives into their Blvd Suites temporary housing, they’ll find it fully furnished with modern furniture and décor, appliances, a full kitchen and bathrooms of housewares, TV, DVD player and, best of all, peace of mind. We’ll even set up their utilities for them!

Also, as an extension of our prided high quality service, the apartment will have been personally inspected by one of our team members to be sure it is freshly cleaned and completely prepared to meet and greet your client.

Billing made simple

With Blvd Suites Corporate Housing, one simple, easy to understand, itemized
invoice will be delivered each month. Call us to discuss billing options and the most convenient way to handle security deposits. We’re conscious of your budget.

We house disaster relief teams too.

When the unspeakable occurs, teams of brave and dedicated men and women from
across the nation rush to the scene to calm, assess and rebuild.

Blvd Suites Corporate Housing is there too, proud to provide comfortable, affordable temporary insurance housing with a relaxing, comforting atmosphere for the
hardworking relief-bringers.

Contact us to find temporary housing for the members of your disaster or catastrophe relief team.

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